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445nm Laser Diodes for LPF Members

Photo of 445nm Laser Diode in anti- static foam
Best price here, as low as $40 shipped to USA, First Class Mail.

For 405-G-2 Lens that is higly efficient at 445nm CLICK HERE
 CLICK HERE  For other Components for Builds including TEC's, & Power Technology IQ Module components.

From  A140 & M140 Projectors.

Extracted with heat, (de-soldered) as we know this does not damage the diodes.
As we all know, they were put in with solder, and they can be removed with solder.
When done correctly, there are no damages to the diodes.
Heatless extraction techniques are fine, but there is no proof that if compared to propper de-soldering techniques,
there is any advantage. You may even use solder when installing the diodes!

You guys are big boys, but I'll still show the following:
A Few sellers of these diodes market them at 2 watts, possibly to show some advantage. These are 1 watt units that can be over- driven to 2000mW+, but at substancial loss of lifetimes.
We prefer to say they are 1 watt, and go along with 2 watts only with the above disclaimer.
It has been shown however that the M & HSeries diodes have more wire bonds and more heat sinking capacity.

Desoldered from NEW projectors and packaged in anti- static foam and heat sealed inside a Faraday Cage type anti- static bags for:
 A Series: $40 each
M Series : $50 each
INCLUDING US SHIPPING, INt'l Shipping slightly higher was planned to be a projector distributor, but it fell through I think because I think the manufacturer knew what we would do with the projectors. Now we can sell an array of 24 diodes for less than the original cost of an A Series projector.
PM/ email/ call for 24 diode array cost.

Trust us, we have 14 Years in the Laser Diode Business.
1 Watt/ 1000mW +, CW Removed from NEW Equipment- LOWEST  COST !
New Diodes IN STOCK:
445nm A140 Diode
$38 LD + $2 for USA shipping= $40 total   /    $38 + $6 Worldwide Shipping= $44 total.
445nm M140 Diode
  $48 LD + $2 for USA shipping= $50 total   /    $48 + $6 Worldwide Shipping= $54 total.


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