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Pointer Host Component Page

Many high powered laser pointer builders are looking for housings to encase their projects. These are often called  'HOSTS.'
Through our extensive knowledge of worldwide laser manufacturers, we have secured a source of some of the highest quality Hosts.
These units are utilized for green pointers. They come in a variety of finishes, as well as 24K Gold.

The units have a press- on aperture cap and a screw- on battery cap.
One Hole (button) versions and Two Hole (button & indicator hole) available.

  Included with each is a black plastic switch support, and button (with adhesive pad)
2 hole units also include a plastic indicator window/ plug
Switch PCB (actual un- populated 532nm green pointer driver board) Sold Separately.
Accept 2 X AAA batteries, 1/2" internal diameter.

Black w/Gold or Chrome clips,
All Chrome, even 24K Gold Plated

pointer housings

examples; not shown: Black/ Gold Clip ( 2 and 1 hole) as well as Black/ Chrome Clip 2 hole.

  photo of lens 
24K Gold Plated- Gold units are only 2 hole, and stock is very limited.

poor plating gold host

Some customers even showed interest in the mottled appearance of the Gold Plated units with errors in plating!

switch assembly  switch on PCB
photos of assembled switch assembly, Switch PCB sold separately ( added to host price on lower Paypal drop down selections when ordering)

< Link to Switch PCB Spec Page >

Black or Chrome $ 11 each

Gold $20 each
Switch PCB $3

Higher Volumes stocked.
Sorry, as of May 2016, the very popular All Chrome now out of stock. 24K Gold units are down to mottled units, and just a few "seconds"
We can buy more Chrome units, but our minimum order is 300 housings! We'd consider a partial split order with a forum Group Buy (GB).
write with any questions

Looking for Forum Member/ Seller to buy stock and sell to forum members.


Add multiple hosts and/ or other items to cart.
FREE Shipping for USA.  International Customers: Please "Buy" $12 shipping- Sorry for the steep increase in cost.

Note; Drop downs can include possible combinations which are NOT Available (examples: Gold & All Chrome is 2 hole only.)

ORDER HOSTS & Switch PCB & International Shipping Here:


This page last modified 15 June, 2016

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