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Power Technology IQ Laser Module Component Page

These are nice modules designed for an OEM. They utilized an IR diode, and operated in CW mode. The elctronics are propietory, and not able to be converted for Custom Fabrication.
Many customers and Creative Technology Lasers have converted these units to various wavelengths. Laser diodes selected for use in medical and biomedical devices, laboratory applications, as well as high - end holography lasers.
New drivers included to control the laser diode and TEC.
Lots of room inside for drivers, and batteries for portable use.

We are selling these in a configuation ready to be used for your custom project.
Electronics removed.
All internal hardware including screws included.
The units are ready to add a diode assembly at the front.
We have mounted 10.5mm diameter brass modules on the small kinematic mount.
The mount at the front, previously held the IR diode at 9mm diameter.
We enlarged the cavity to accept our modules.
As- is, a 12 mm diameter module is too large, as it interferes with the bolt circle of the 4 screw spring mount.
With some modifications/ ingenuity, there may be more possibilities.

The TEC can actively cool the diode assembly, near it's rear where the diode is located.


1.5" diameter X 6 " long
TEC with ~ 9 watts of thermal capacity
Kinematic diode/ module mount seen at front
Right angle bench mount
Small fan at rear, mounted on internal frame/ heat sink

Power Technology IQ Module:
Power Technology IQ Laser Module

above shows configured with 405nm diode module at front.

  photo of module components
components included.

detail of TEC and
                                        kinematic mount.

detail of TEC and mount at aperture.

High Volumes  stocked.
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